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The perfect energy storage system for private homes, e-mobility and business

The AXIstorage Li SV1 is a high-voltage energy storage system from AXITEC. It is suitable for indoor and covered outdoor installations and is expandable thanks to its modular design concept. Thanks to its easy installation, simple to handle connections and the outdoor compatibility the AXIstorage Li SV1 is ideal for residential, industrial & commercial as well as e-mobility applications.


Scalability of the Axistorage Li-ion storage AXIstorage Li SV1

Due to the compact and modular stacking design, the system capacity can individually be adapted to the required needs. Depending on the number of modules, with energy packs of 3.4 kWh each, a total usable capacity of 10.1 to 23.6 kWh can be reached.


Battery Management System with all cables and screws for all expansion levels with up to 7 Energypacks.

(the 3-7 Energypacks each with 3,37 kWh have to be ordered separately)

Operations manual English SV1
Datasheet English SV1
Datenblatt German SV1


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