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BYD B-BOX PREMIUM LVL 21 15.4 (15.36 kWh)

Battery-Box LVL (lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack)

The Battery-Box Premium LVL is the new generation of BYD battery storage and offers not only all previous functions but also higher storage capacities compared to its predecessor BYD B-Box Pro 13.8. Thanks to the further development of cell technology, the system weight and overall depth were reduced, so that the new battery storage system has a slimmer appearance and requires less space.

The BYD B-Box Premium LVL has powerful on-grid, backup and off-grid functions for private and commercial applications.

The new battery storage also has protection rating IP20. This means that the BYD B-Box Premium LVL 15.4 can only be used indoors.

Flexible and Scalable

In total, up to 64 B-Box Premium LVL 15.4 can be connected in parallel to achieve a total capacity of 983.04 kWh.

The BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL 15.4 is compatible with the market leading 1- and 3-phase inverters from GoodWe, Victron and SMA (Sunny Island).

Advantages of the BYD B-Box Premium

  • All models of the Battery-Box Premium series comply with the VDE 2510 safety standard and have additional safety functions for installation.
  • The systems support parallel connections without the need for additional communication devices.
  • They are more flexible and scalable and cover a wider range of applications.
  • The new cobalt-free premium generation also features a higher energy density and a more compact format, thus requiring less floor space.
  • The higher capacity per module reduces the number of components. In combination with the improved design and a new locking mechanism, this should make installation easier and reduce installation time.
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LFP): Maximum safety, lifetime and performance
  • In addition to a new LED status display, there is also a new interface and the option of remote control.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x BYD B-BOX PREMIUM LVL battery module
  • 1x BYD battery management unit

Hazardous substance according to UN 3480 / Transport hazard class 9 / Packing group II

– usable capacity: 15.36 kWh
– rated voltage: 51.2 V
– Max. Output current: 250 A
– Peak output current: 375 A, 10s
– Operating voltage range: 40-57.6 V
– ambient temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C
– interfaces: CAN/RS485
– round trip energy efficiency: >= 95%
– certification: IEC62619/ CEC / CE / UN38.3
– IP protection class: IP20
– Application: ON Grid / ON Grid + Backup / OFF Grid
– Always expand / up to 64 in parallel / 983 kWh usable

Set includes:
1x BYD Battery Management Unit
1x BYD B-BOX PREMIUM LVL 2021 battery module

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BYD B-Box premium LVL 21 15.4 (15.36 kWh)
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