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BYD Cable Set (+Connector) 35QMM 2500MM SE TO BYD LVS

cable set with plug for connecting SE + BYD LVS

Supplier item: BYD-RKS_35_2500
Battery connection set for BYD
Battery cable set 2x NSGAFÖU 35mm² 2.500mm length, contacted with BYD plug and tubular cable lug M8, 17mm wide

Technical details

Amount connected phases:
Number of Mpp-Trackers:
Connection type:
Manufacturer Item Name:
Intrastat Product number:85446010
Supplier item:BYD-RKS_35_2500
Amount per Container:
Amount per Box:
Amount per Bag:
Amount per Pallet:
Pack. Material:
Pal. Dim. LxBxH (mm):
Height (mm):
Length (mm):
Width (mm):
Weight (kg):2,49
Product Warranty (yr):

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BYD Cable Set (+Connector) 35QMM 2500MM SE TO BYD LVS
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