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Pylontech Force L1 24.86 consists of a Pylontech BMU Battery Management Unit and 7 Force L1 3.55kWh Battery Modules.

Pylontech Force L1 24.86 – Low Voltage

The Force L1 is the latest HESS battery system supplied by Pylontech. The “long life” character, the highest energy and power density in the industry, the fashionable design, the ease of installation and expansion, all reflect the real requirements of end users and the strongest technical capability of Pylontech.

Vertical industrial integration ensures more than 6,000 cycles with 90% DoD

Modular design allows end customers to choose the capacity

Compatible with most available hybrid inverters

Quick disconnect minimizes installation time and costs

Beautiful design – fits both indoors and outdoors

The new MAX is the world’s most powerful low-voltage inverter, with a maximum output power of 16kW and a battery charging current of 275A.
This energy management program allows the user to meet those parity goals by managing the flow of energy from multiple sources, such as solar, grid power and generators, and then effectively storing and releasing energy when needed by utilities.

    • Colorful touch LCD, IP65 protection rating
    • DC torque and AC torque to retrofit existing solar system
    • Max. 16 inverters in parallel; Support multiple batteries in parallel
    • Max. charge/discharge current of 190A
    • 16kW super hybrid inverter


Number of Phase

1 Phase





Pylontech L1 24.86 - Store your own power
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