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The Eastron SDM220-Modbus MID 1 phase kWh meter is ideally suited for accurately monitoring, for example;

a solar panel system, charging station, heat pump, or any other 1 phase group of your choice. You can immediately see how many kWh the respective system consumes or produces on the clear LCD screen.

Also, this kWh meter is MID approved. This means that this calibrated kWh meter may be used for official registrations and settlements of measured data.


  • Measures V, A, W, F, PF, kWh, kVA.
  • Equipped with a Modbus RS485 connection.
  • Suitable for up to 100 amps continuously.
  • High accuracy (better than Class 1 / B).
  • This kWh meter has a width of 2 modules.
  • MID approved
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Eastron SDM220-Modbus MID energy meter
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