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Enphase Encharge 10T – 15Y warantee

Encharge 10T battery storage system with integrated Enphase IQ Series microinverters and battery management unit (BMU).

Enphase IQ Battery 3T/10T
Advantages Enphase IQ 3T and 10T: Fully integrated AC battery system with integrated IQ 8X-BAT microinverters Can be easily connected to the AC power of a standard household installation Optimally adjusts the system to the user’s situation Convenient control and measurement via a mobile app Passive cooling (no moving parts/fans) Long service life, 10-year warranty For battery installation, you must be certified as an installer. You can contact the Enphase account manager for this purpose. Necessary accessories: Art. 271037 – Enphase – Wireless Communication adapter Art. 270072 – Enphase – IQ Gateway-S MeteredThe Enphase IQ 10T all-in-one AC-connected storage system consists of three IQ 3T base units, has a total usable storage capacity of 10.5 kWh and contains twelve integrated IQ8X microinverters with a total power of 3.84 kW. Installers can quickly design the right system size to meet the needs of both new customers and customers who already have solar panels.


Set includes:

– 3x Encharge 3T base unit


– Encharge 10T cover kit with accessories


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Enphase Encharge 10T with cover – 15Y warantee
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