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Enphase Encharge 3T 15 year Warantee

Important: Installer certification required!Go to Enphase University to obtain your certification.

Enphase IQ Battery 3T/10T
Advantages Enphase IQ 3T and 10T: Fully integrated AC battery system with integrated IQ 8X-BAT microinverters Can be easily connected to the AC power of a standard household installation Optimally adjusts the system to the user’s situation Convenient control and measurement via a mobile app Passive cooling (no moving parts/fans) Long service life, 10-year warranty For battery installation, you must be certified as an installer. You can contact the Enphase account manager for this purpose. Chekc if you have an Art. 270072 – Enphase – IQ Gateway-S Metered  device. The Enphase IQ 3T has a total storage capacity of 3.5 kWh and contains four integrated microinverters with a total power of 1.28 kW.
Installers can quickly design the right system size to meet the needs of both new customers and customers who already have solar panels.


Encharge 3T battery storage system with integrated Enphase IQ Series microinverters and battery management unit (BMU).

Set includes:

– 1x  (Encharge 3T base unit) ENP-B03-T01-INT00-1-2

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Enphase IQ Batterij 3T Achterkant 900x900 1 - Store your own power
Enphase Encharge 3T Battery only- 15 year Warantee

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