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Fox Energy Cube – High Voltage Battery.

Set consist of:

4x CS2900

1x CM2900

Energy Cube from FOX is a high-performance, scalable battery storage system. Its modular design provides maximum flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of storage applications. Additional batteries can be placed in series, providing a maximum storage capacity of 20.16 kWh. Installation is easy, with a plug-and-play solution that can save installers valuable time.

Capacity of 11.52 kWh
Scalable up to 20.16 kWh
90% discharge depth
Wide temperature range:
Easy installation
CAN/RS485 communication
High voltage (HV)

Manufacturer’s Product Number: Energy Cube CS2900
Weight: 131.9 kg
Battery type: lithium-ion
Rated energy: 11520 Wh
Depth of discharge: 90.00
Voltage: 52 V
Continuous discharge rate (normal use): 5760 W
Maximum discharge rate (5 minutes): 11520 W
Peak discharge rate (15 seconds): 12000 W
Maximum discharge rate (5 minutes): 11520 W

DataSheet FOX ECS2900

Weight131,9 kg
Dimensions57,0 × 38,0 × 59,0 cm

Quantity of kWh



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