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GoodWe GW3648-EM hybrid inverter

With the GoodWe GW3648-EM hybrid inverter, you are ready for the future! The energy generated by a PV system can be used to optimize its own consumption and overload. The energy that can no longer be stored is fed back into the grid. The GoodWe GW3648-EM features integrated AC overvoltage protection, AC short-circuit protection, AC overcurrent protection, anti-islanding protection, reverse polarity protection, residual current monitoring unit and insulation resistance detection. The GoodWe EM series is compatible with the following batteries: BYD LVS 4kWh-24 kWh & GW Lynx Home U. Both the energy meter and the data cable for the battery and energy meter are included.

The communication modules that go with the GW3648-EM match are:


Features of the GW3648-EM

  • 1-phase
  • 50A
  • 48V
  • Low Voltage
  • 2 MPPT 2 IN
  • incl. energy meter and CT
  • IP65
  • RS485 (WIFI optional via data logging stick)
  • Dimensions 347 x 432 x 175 mm


GoodWe is a leading brand focused on the research and production of inverters and energy storage solutions. Goodwe’s inverters are commonly used for residential rooftop solar panels, commercial systems and energy storage systems. GoodWe is ranked in the top 10 solar inverter manufacturers in the world by Bloomberg, IHS & GTMt. Features of GoodWe

  • Excellent value for money
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Very low failure rate of 1%
  • Noted
  • Highly innovative


Number of phases

1 Phase

Quantity of kWh

0-5 kWh



Goodwe 3648 EM - Store your own power
GoodWe 3648-EM hybrid inverter
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