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The Growatt ARK battery system is modular in design. Additional batteries can be stacked on top of each other. The ARK-2.5H-A1 is suitable for high-voltage systems. The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery is free of cobalt, making it cheaper, among other things. The battery lasts more than 6,000 cycles.

The battery has an IP protection rating of IP65 and is suitable for both wall and floor installation. However, a separate pedestal is required for installation on a floor. The battery is 65cm wide, 26cm deep, 18cm high and weighs 30kg.

Some advantages of this type of lithium iron phosphate batteries over lead acid and other batteries are: longer life, little to no maintenance, extremely safe, relatively light weight and improved discharge and charging efficiency.

Datasheet Growatt ARK



Quantity of kWh

0-5 kWh



Growatt 5.1 xh - Store your own power
Growatt ARK XH 5.1 kWh
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