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Hoymiles DTU Series Pro Lite

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The Hoymiles DTU Lite Pro is a monitoring gateway that connects wirelessly to Hoymiles microinverters. The DTU pro connects to your router via WiFi, but can also be used wired if the situation requires it. The DTU Pro collects data from all your microinverters and sends it to the Hoymiles S-miles cloud portal. This makes it possible to monitor your solar panel system in great detail via an internet browser or the Hoymiles app. This not only gives you insight into the total yield, but you can also monitor the real-time yield and the yield at panel level.
The DTU Pro is suitable for HM-series microinverters from Hoymiles and also supports Modbus RS485 to communicate with peripherals. Think of kWh meters with which you can also monitor your consumption, for example.

  • Easily monitor the (real-time) yield of your solar panel system.
  • Supports panel-level monitoring.
  • Easy to install and connect via Ethernet or to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Connects wirelessly to your Hoymiles microinverters.
  • RS485 port for communication with other peripherals such as kWh meters.



Number of solar panels Up to 99
IP rating housing IP20
Compatibility For HM series inverters
Communication Wi-Fi, Ethernet and RS485
Wireless communication Wifi (2.4Ghz)
Ethernet RJ45 × 1, Modbus-TCP
RS485 COM × 1, 9600bps, Modbus RTU



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Hoymiles Data transfer units Pro Lite
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