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This Huawei Lithium Battery is a modular battery for home batteries with Huawei inverters, both with 1 phase and 3 phases. This module requires the BMS (Battery Management System) to interface with the inverter to which the accumulator is connected and work as a battery management system.
This battery has 5kWh of usable energy.

With a single BMS, you can control up to 3 modules, allowing you to connect multiple 5kWh LUNA2000 batteries and create 10- or 15kWh storage systems. We could go up to a 30 kWh system by connecting two groups of three LUNA2000 modules in parallel.
In short, we can choose a Huawei home battery with storage in the following capacities: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30kWh.

The Huawei Luna2000 home battery operates at a rated voltage of 360V when connected to a 1-phase system with an operating range between 350 and 560V.
When the battery is connected to a 3 phase inverter, they operate at a nominal voltage of 600V with an operating range between 600 and 980V.

The battery has cells with Lithium Ferrophosphate (LiFePO4) technology, offers IP65 protection with a noise level of less than 29 decibels. The system can be wall or floor mounted and has a weight of 50 kg per battery module and 12 kg for the BMS control module.

Compatibility Huawei Luna2000 Lithium Battery
The Luna2000 5kWh Lithium Battery is compatible with the KTL series of 1-phase inverters from 2 to 6kW and the 3-phase KTL-M1 from 3 to 10kW.
Communication with the inverter is via the BMS (via RS485) and also includes a CAN connection for parallel operation. The BMS has a small display to indicate charging status and an LED light to indicate operating status.
This home battery meets all certifications required for its use, such as: CE, RCM, CEC, VDE2510-50, IEC62619, IEC 60730, UN38.3.

Features Lithium Battery HUAWEI 360V LUNA2000 5 kWh

Power:2.5 kW
Multi-Voltage:360 V DC // 600 V DC
Capacity:5 kWh
Usage:Indoor and Outdoor
IP Protection factor:IP66
Material:Aluminum – PC
Dimensions:670 x 150 x 600 mm
Height:670 mm
Width:150 mm
Length:600 mm
Weight:63.8 kg
Warranty:3 Years
Certificates:CE & RoHS



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lithium accu huawei 360v luna2000 5 kwh3 - Store your own power
Huawei battery LUNA2000-SO-5 kWh

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