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Jolywood N-type Bifacial Mono All Black Module 400-420W (1x)


Black Series


10-30% Additional Power Generation

30 years lifespan brings 10-30% additional
power generation comparing with conventional
P-type module


ZERO LID (Light Induced Degradation)

N-type solar cell has no LID naturally which can
increase power generation


Higher Reliability

Adpoted Jolywood lastest J-TOPCon2.0 technology,
No polysilicon wrap around, Full electrical isolation,
Zero leakage current; Much Safer for roof


Better Weak Illumination Response

Higher power output even under low-light
environments like on cloudy or foggy days


Better Temperature Coefficient

Higher power generation under working
conditions, thanks to passivating contact
cell technology


Outstanding visual appearance

Designed with aesthetics in mind,thinner wires
that appear all black at a distance


About Jolywood

Jolywood Ltd. is the world leader in the production of N-type modules and cells and has a module production of 3 GW per year. Jolywood is a Tier 1 manufacturer, which speaks for its strong financial strength. The products are very efficient, show an innovative character and a very good price-performance ratio. The Chinese manufacturer is particularly interesting for commercial projects, as it has a strong and reliable partner for reinsurance at its side in Munich RE . The first multi MW PV open space projects have already been implemented in Germany and Europe.


Jolywood Delivers Reliable Performance Over Time

  • Leader of N-type bifacial manufacturer
  • Full-automatic facility and industry-leading technology
  • Best-in-class durability and reliability
  • BNEF Tier One



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Jolywood N-type Bifacial Mono All Black Module 400-420W (1x)

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