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LG energy storage system home 10 + HBC 11H

– 10-year warranty & one-stop service
– Efficient emergency power function
– Flexible DC design
– Intelligent energy management
– 3 MPPTs for the flexible connection of 2 or 3 PV strings
– 2 independent DC connections for easy capacity expansion
– Can be operated as battery inverter (without PV) or PV inverter (without battery).
– Simple installation and commissioning (-> links to the LG videos
– Monitoring via LG EnerVu app and portal
– Reliable emergency power supply with Enwitec switching device
– Pre-qualified LG heat pump for upgraded
   Self-consumption optimization
– One-stop service for inverter and battery
Set consisting of:
1x hybrid inverter PCS 10.0
1x counter ABB B23
1x battery pack HBC 11H
1x housing for battery pack HBC 11H/15H

Datasheet English
Datasheet German



Quantity of kWh

16-20 kWh



e - Store your own power
LG energy storage system home 10 + HBC 11H
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