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LG LI-IO Pcs 8.0 Inverter

Hybrid inverter for ESS HOME

Item no..: 0114987
Supplier item: D008KE1N211
**the ABB REACT sensor (item number 0125843) is required for commissioning (even without a battery)**
***Only released with the following optimizers:
– Tigo Energy (Monitoring just in the Tigo Portal)***
– 3 MPPs
– Max. DC Power (per string): 12 kW (6kW)
Optional retrofitting with the following storage:
LG LI-IO HB 7H STORAGE (0114989)
LG LI-IO HB 10H STORAGE (0114990)
The following (usable) storage sizes can be combined with the hybrid inverter:
– 9.3 – 13.2 – 15.9 – 18.6 kWh

Technical details

Number of string inputs (pcs):3
Display:w/o display
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter:no
Interface 1:
AC nominal power (kVA):8,00
Interface 2:
Max. AC power (kVA):8,00
Max. generator power DC (kWp):12,00
Step-Up converter:yes
Max. input voltage DC (V):1.000,00
Maximum voltage input Mpp (V):800
Feed-in phases:3
Max. input current (A):39,00
European efficiency (%):97,00
Max. efficiency (%):97,70
Degree of protection (IP):IP21
Number of Mpp-Trackers:3
Minimum voltage input Mpp (V):150
Manufacturer:LG Electronics
Intrastat Product number:85044085
Manufacturer Item Name:
Supplier item:D008KE1N211
Battery Connection:DC
Amount per Pallet:
Amount Pal. p. Cont.:
Amount per Container:
Pack. Material:
Pal. Dim. LxBxH (mm):
Pal. Weight (kg):
Length (mm):599
Height (mm):120
Width (mm):450
Weight (kg):34,00
Warranter:LG Electronics
Product Warranty (yr):10

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LG LI-IO Pcs 8.0 Inverter
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