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SAJ – H2-6K-T2 -10kWh All-In-One Solution

Three phase | 6kW of power | 10kWh of battery capacity | energy meter included


SAJ – H2-6K-T2 – 10kWh All-In-One Solution
This version of the All-In-One-Solution has a power of 6kW and 10kWh of battery capacity.

SAJ Electric All-In-One Solution HS2-5K-10K-T2

The HS2 3-phase series is a combination modular hybrid inverter and battery. The HS2 is easy to install.
The advantages of the HS2 all-in-one 3-phase solution are:

  • All components together in one unit reducing cabling
  • IP65 waterproof design, also for outdoor use
  • UPS functionality for backup power
  • Available in a power range from 5kW to 10kW
  • Max 16A input current to better match high power module
  • Built-in AFCI (Arc-Fault-Circuit-Intertuper) functionality
  • Scalable modular battery design from 10kWh to 25kWh
  • Supports 100% three-phase voltage unbalance


SAJ Electric

SAJ is a global player in the inverter market focused on renewable energy conversion, transmission and storage solutions. The company offers professional distributed solar inverters, hybrid inverters with battery storage and monitoring system.


Product ref. H2-6K-T2-10kWh
Type of energy storage system Hybrid/Retrofit storage
Width 626 mm
Depth 365 mm
Number of phases 3
Display None
Ambient temperature -40-65 °C
Nominal output power AC 6 kW
Short-time peak load 6 kW
Rated MPP-voltage 180-900 V
Degree of protection (IP) IP65
Output voltage AC 400 V
Communication interface internet ethernet Yes
Number of independent MPPT inputs 2
Suitable for emergency power Yes
Nominal battery capacity 10 kWh
Networkable via Wi-Fi Yes
Max. charge power 6 kW
Max. discharge power 6 kW
Max. emergency power 6 kW
Type 6K-T2-10kWh
Brand SAJ
Series HS2 All-In-One-Solution
Made in China
Supplier Warranty 10

Number of phases

Quantity of kWh

SAJ 10kWh - Store your own power
SAJ – H2-6K-T2-10kWh All-In-One
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