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Pylontech Force L1 14.21 consists of a Pylontech BMU Battery Management Unit and 4 Force L1 3.55kWh Battery Modules. Ability to scale up by later addition of up to 3 additional Force L1 modules

Pylontech Force L1 14.21 – Low Voltage

The Force L1 is the latest HESS battery system supplied by Pylontech. The “long life” character, the highest energy and power density in the industry, the fashionable design, the ease of installation and expansion, all reflect the real requirements of end users and the strongest technical capability of Pylontech.

PylontechForceL114.21 consists of a Pylontech BMU Battery Management Unit and 4 Force L1 3.55kWh Battery Modules. Ability to scale up by later adding up to 3 additional Force L1 modules in parallel to this stack to achieve a usable output of up to 24.86 kWh.

Vertical industrial integration ensures more than 6,000 cycles with 90% DoD

Modular design allows end customers to choose the capacity

Compatible with most available hybrid inverters

Quick disconnect minimizes installation time and costs

Beautiful design – fits both indoors and outdoors

The Sunsynk Hybrid Parity Inverter is a highly efficient energy management tool that allows the user to meet those “parity goals” by managing power flow from multiple sources, such as solar, wind turbines, main power grids and generators, and then effectively storing and releasing electrical power when required by utilities. IT also has a weather resistance rating of IP65 and is equipped with two MPPt ports. The convenient LCD screen provides the user with configurable and accessible button controls, and once the Wi-Fi dongle is connected, the user can remotely monitor and adjust inverter functions to take full advantage of installed power generation and storage. The 8.8kW inverter is ideal when you need a little more power, especially for systems that are completely off-grid or when a substantial UPS is needed. It has a 50% power boost function and the advantage of being able to reverse and recharge very high power batteries when needed. Since the Sunsynk hybrid inverters use IGBT, they are also more reliable and can protect your system from surge voltages and EMF.

Sunsynk user manual English

Quantity of KwH

11 – 15 KwH





Pylontech L1 14.21 - Store your own power
Sunsynk or Deye 1 phase 8K + Pylontech force l1 14.21
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