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Pylontech Force L1 21.31 consists of a Pylontech BMU Battery Management Unit and 6 Force L1 3.55kWh Battery Modules. Ability to scale up by adding 1 additional Force L1 module at a later date

Pylontech Force L1 21.31 – Low Voltage

The Force L1 is the latest HESS battery system supplied by Pylontech. The “long life” character, the highest energy and power density in the industry, the fashionable design, the ease of installation and expansion, all reflect the real requirements of end users and the strongest technical capability of Pylontech.

PylontechForceL121.31 consists of a Pylontech BMU Battery Management Unit and 6 Force L1 3.55kWh Battery Modules. Ability to scale up by later adding 1 additional Force L1 module in parallel to this stack to achieve a usable power of up to 24.86 kWh.

Vertical industrial integration ensures more than 6,000 cycles with 90% DoD

Modular design allows end customers to choose the capacity

Compatible with most available hybrid inverters

Quick disconnect minimizes installation time and costs

Beautiful design – fits both indoors and outdoors

SunSynk Sun-12K-SG04LP3-EU 3 Phase Low Voltage Hybrid off grid/ On Grid or Deye Sun-12K-SG04LP3-EU

The perfect hybrid inverter for all demanding customers. This inverter falls into the “Low Voltage” category.
With this device, you meet your every need and save money thanks to the integration of all major functions!
The 3 strings fit the east-west-south design.

You can choose whether you want DEYE or SUNSYNK!

This inverter reaches a maximum of 15.6 KwH
Turning on emergency power happens in less than 4ms, and a smart meter is integrated into the unit.
48V low voltage battery with insulation design
6 periods to charge/discharge the battery
Max.charge/discharge current of 240A
Frequency drop control Max.16pcs parallel
DC pair and AC pair to adapt the existing solar system
Supporting energy storage with a diesel generator
Supports three-phase unbalanced output
Unique “Smart Load” application with peak savings function.

Solarman app for 24-hour monitoring and settings

Sunsynk user manual English
Deye user manual English

Number of Phase

3 Phase





Pylontech L1 21.31 12K - Store your own power
Sunsynk or Deye 3 Phase 12K + Pylontech Force L1 21.31
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