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SUNSYNK-L5.1IP65 100 Ah Battery

Sunsynk has produced a perfect storage solution. The module consists of rechargeable lithium ferrophosphate batteries with a capacity of 5.12 kWh at 51.2V 100Ah with built-in battery.
management system.
The battery is expected to last more than 10 years, considering that it is charged and discharged once a day at room temperature (25°C). Lithium-ferrophosphate batteries offer excellent thermal stability and storage. The module also includes a self-check function to detect any abnormalities in energy storage.

Cell type –
Lithium iron phosphate (LifePO4 or LFP)

Rated operating voltage –

Rated power –
100Ah / 5.12kWh

Depth of discharge (DoD) – 100%.

Usable capacity – 5.12kWh

Packing – 1P16S

IP rating – IP40

Minimum operating voltage – 44.8V

Maximum operating voltage – 57.6V

Standard charging current – 50A

Max. Continuous charging current – 50A

Standard discharge current – 50A

Max. Continuous discharge current – 100A (1C, 25°C ± 2°C)

Max. Pulse discharge current – 200A (2C, 30S, 25°C ± 2°C SOC≥40%)

Standard charging method – 0.5C CC to 57.6V, CV at 57.6V to
the current is 0.05C

Min. Operating temperature (no derating) – Charging: 0°C / Discharging: -20°C

Max. Operating temperature (without derating) – Charging: 50°C / Discharging: 55°C

Operational ROH – 20% ~ 80%

Storage temperature -20 ~ 50°C

Self-discharge – ≤5% (25°C 50% SoC)

SoC @ end of product line – 40%

Insulation resistance – >100MΩ

Voltage difference in each module – ≤20mV

Inner resistance of one cell – 0.34 ± 0.05mΩ (fresh cell 30 ~ 40% SoC)

Altitude below – 2000m

Weight – 48kg

Dimensions – 440 x 530 x 132mm (excluding connector, MSD
and other parts)

Expected life @ 25°C – More than 10 years when used according to warranty conditions

SUNSYNK-L5.1 Data Sheet English

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SUNSYNK-L5.1IP65 100 Ah Battery

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