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Trina Solar Vertex S (R) 415W Triple-Cut Full Black (W15y) (TSM-415-DE09R.05)

Manufacturers part number  TSM-415-DE09R.05

Technical details

Watt  415 Module type  Monofacial Framed Number of cells  144 (48)
Watt/m²  208,0 Module surface (m²)  1,998
Cell  Triple-cut Cell Technology  G12R (210x182mm)
Module efficiency  20,8% Temp. Coef PMAX  -0,34%/K
Panel frame color  Black
Dimensions  176,2 x 113,4 x 3,0 cm Weight  21,8kg
Cable length  1 100mm – MC4-EVO2 connectors
Junction box  Split box – Mid
Product warranty  15 years
Performance warranty  84,8% after 25 years
Module packaging  36,0 per pallet – 936 per container
only sold by 4 pallets for this price

Frame color

Model surface

1,90-2,00 m²

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Trina Solar Vertex S (R) 415W Mono Full Black (W15y) (TSM-415-DE09R.05) – only by pallet of 36 pcs
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