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What to do in this energy crisis?

Batterij zonnepaneel 4 - Store your own power

Concerns about the Russian-induced energy crisis in Europe are growing, with gas prices continuing to rise. ‘But the race to counter this has also begun,’ said Sabine Kloos, project manager at EES Europe. The supply of hydrogen from electrolysis of solar and wind energy, for example, is seen by the gas grid as a sustainable alternative to natural gas in the medium and long term. Battery solar panels are also ideal for keeping well up in the energy crisis. German distribution system operator Netze BW is currently testing the use of hydrogen with some of its customers.

The decisive factor here is that electricity from solar and wind power will have to increase significantly in the coming years. In Germany, a legislative package for the expansion of renewable energy was therefore adopted last week. The goal is to achieve an 80 per cent share of green electricity by 2030. This will also require the expansion of storage facilities. In Germany, there are signs that sales of residential storage systems such as the well known ‘battery solar panels’ will increase sharply again this year. At least that is what market researchers at EuPD Research predict.

Battery solar panels, and wind power keep you afloat in energy crisis

As batteries become more widely used, their safe and value-free operation will also become increasingly important. To look into the “black box battery” or “black box” battery, some companies are developing special analysis methods.