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From now on, you can see what your electricity costs per hour from energy suppliers

Eneco customers will soon be able to take out dynamic contracts. In this, electricity tariffs change hourly and gas is subject to a different price every day. Eneco is the first of the major energy companies to offer such a contract. Budget Energie meanwhile also does this.

At times when a lot of solar and wind energy is available, electricity prices are lower than at times when this is not the case. According to Eneco, the dynamic contract allows customers to adjust their power consumption accordingly.

They can monitor energy prices daily in their app and then consume energy at times when prices are low. For example, by turning on the washing machine or charging the electric car when electricity is cheap.

From now on, the dynamic contract will be offered alongside Eneco’s existing variable and fixed contracts. From October, households with solar panels can also make use of such a contract.

From today, energy supplier Budget Energie also offers dynamic contracts in addition to variable and fixed contracts. Households with solar panels can already take out such a contract there now.


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