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Complete set with hybrid inverter by DEYE – 12kwh and 4 BlauHoff home battery solar panels – 20.48 kwh.
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Battery Blauhoff 5.12kwh SKU: BLH-5KW * 4 = 20.48kwh
Hybrid Deye or SunSynk inverter SKU: SUN-12K-SG04-LP3EU or SUNSYNK-SUN-12K-SG04-LP3EU


Advantage very easy each time for +/- 2000 euros quickly expand by 5.12 kwh in three minutes !

Attention! The price does not include VAT because you can reclaim it from the inverter. This may vary from case to case, so this remains your own responsibility.


Number of phases

3 Phase

Quantity of kWh

16-20 kWh





BLH 3P 12KVA20KW 1 300x300 1 - Store your own power
Blauhoff battery solar panel set 12kWh inverter + 20kWh home
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