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The BlauHoff HUB is the communication source between different battery groups for mainly industrial solar energy storage applications.
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Each HUB connection connects up to 7 battery groups of 8 pieces BLH-5KW.

The Blauhoff HUB has a voltage of 48 VDC
The communication interface is CAN and the system consumption is 2W.
The size of the system is 483 mm x 150 mm x 45 mm.
The protection rating is IP20 and the device weighs 1 kg. Also, the system lasts at least 10 years.
The HUB operates between -20 and 60 degrees, and can store power between -40 and 80 degrees.



BLH Hub36v2 300x300 1 - Store your own power
BlauHoff BLH-hub storing solar energy
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