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Blauhoff Maxus 250K/516 KwH All In One

Prismatic cells for the highest quality and longest service life, 8000 cycles and 10 years warranty on the cells at no additional cost and 5 years on whole.


BLH-200k-516KwH-Maxus Series, a liquid cooling all-in-one commercial and industrial ESS, is

integrated with energy storage converter, battery, BMS, EMS, thermal management,
power distribu- tion, fire protection, etc. The all-in-one design is easy for installation and
O&M. Meanwhile, the safety design of the system ensures a better battery performance
and longer service life. Multiple sets of cabinets can be directly connected in parallel up to 30 pieces to
realize energy storage system expansion.


Highly integrated ESS for easy
transportation and O&M. The
integrated design allows the site to
be quickly set up and used.

Backup Function

Peakshave Function

PV Function

Liquid Cooling:

The temperature deviance of
battery cells in the whole
system is within 3°C, due to
intelligent liquid cooling system.
It can expand the life time of the
battery cells up to 20%.


The system has four levels
management structure which
can accurately provide short
circuit protection, over current
protection, over voltage
protection, under voltage
protection, over temperature
protection, etc.

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Blauhoff Maxus 250K-516kWh All In One Energy Storage Cabinet
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