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Blauhoff MAXUS outdoor IP65 cabinet ESS complete with Batteries and inverter 

Blauhoff ESS MAXUS outdoor cabinets can be adjusted to follow your wishes.

Each MAXUS cabinet contains :

Smart Inverter low voltage or high voltage

  • store power from sun or wind
  • use for peak shaving and load shifting
  • buy cheap power with dynamic contracts
  • use for emergency power within 10 ms

Blauhoff Batteries Low Voltage or High Voltage, each in modules of 5,12 kWh

  • BLH-5100
  • BLH-5KW

Small economical air conditioners to always keep the temperature between 15-40 degrees

Fire alarm which works on heat/smoke/CO2 and with or without 4G/Wifi module for reporting.

Aerosol fire extinguisher system to slow down the heating process.

All needed certifications ; EN50549/UL9540/Intertek/UN38.3/CE/TUV/IEC62619/IEC61000 etc..

Dimensions156 × 130 × 80 cm

PHOTO 2023 03 13 18 37 39 1 - Store your own power
Blauhoff MAXUS outdoor IP65 cabinet ESS 3 phase 20K/62kwh
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