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Blauhoff Megapack Container ESS 3.85 is a turnkey battery system in a container.

Lower cost

Easy to install and low maintenance

Larger cells , many kWh therefore 50% stronger than regular solutions and more compact

Improved Efficiency

Based on 1500V platform, the DC side has an efficiency of 93%.

C4H standard anti corrosion container has a lifetime of at least 15 years


Mutiple balancing ensures safe and long battery life

Integrated gas and water extinguishing systems ensure safety under extreme conditions


Icloud AI real time monitoring


CE-LVD:EN IEC62477-1, CE-EMC:EN IEC61000-6-2 , EN IEC 61000-6-4, UKCA: EN IEC 62477-1

IEC62619-2022 (Function Safety IEC UL 60730-1 Annex H, including cell)

IEC 63056:2020

NFPA855, Fcc-ID, UL1973:2022, UL9540A Unit




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Blauhoff MegaPack Container ESS 3.85MWh
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