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BLH-5100 is our Dual LV and HV battery flexible solution special for Deye HV inverters but many more)

Min 4 needed for HV so min 20,48 kwH

In series till 9 pieces on each battery string, so on Deye 40K HV for example 92 Kwh max

2 of 9 each

Compatible with all major brands of inverters. (see attachment)


Weight 42±0.5kg

IPRating IP20

Protective Class I

Parallelor Series Support 8 Parallelor Series

RelativeHumidity(RH)20~60% (Nocondensedwater)

CoolingType Ambientcooling

CaseMaterial Metal

Color Black


Warranty 10Years


ProtectionMode TripleHardware Protection BatteryProtection Over-Current/Over-Voltage/ShortCircuit/Under-Voltage/ OverTemperature


Testing Conditions Based onTemperature 25℃ atTheBeginning of Life.

Total Energy/UsableEnergy Measured Under Specific Conditions From 0.2CCC/CV


Blauhoff Approved Compatibility List of Inverter Brands 230519(2)

TUV certificate vs1

Tuv Certificate 2




Quantity of kWh



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BLH 5100 PIC5 1 - Store your own power
BLH-5100 Blauhoff 5,12 kWh Battery High Voltage 10Y warantee
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