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BYD B-Box Premium HV Combiner Box HVS / HVM

Use the Premium HV Combiner Box for parallel connection of 2 or 3 Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM Towers, it provides a simple and safe solution for DC cabling connections.

model: CBH-40A (for HVS & HVM)

BYD’s HV Premium Combiner Box can be used to quickly and efficiently interconnect up to 3 HVS and HVM series storage units.
Due to the parallel connection, the towers must have the same voltage level (number of batteries) as well as charge level.
This is especially important to consider for storage expansions. In addition, the connection cables from the towers to the combiner box must be of the same length.
The planned configuration must be checked for approval in BYD’s “Premium HV Compatible Inverter List”.

Please note: As before, HVS, HVM and older HV systems cannot be combined with each other.


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BYD B-Box Premium HV Combiner Box HVS / HVM
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