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Deye: 3.6Kw Single Phase Hybrid Inverter (SUN-3K-SG01LP1-EU)


The Deye hybrid inverter has many operating models and can be connected to different types of inputs such as PV, AC grid, batteries, generator, micro-inverter and wind turbines; it is a complete solution.The 3.6kW inverter with the 7kW MPPT is perfect for the UK market. Now you can have enough solar power to charge your batteries and charge all day. For this model, the array size ranges from 1.2 to 4.6KW and it has several software features in common with our larger models. It has a weather resistance rating of IP65 and is equipped with two MPPT ports.



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Deye: 3.6Kw Single Phase Hybrid Inverter (SUN-3K-SG01LP1-EU)
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