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Deye AI-W5.1(LV)

Deye introduces a safer, more reliable and flexible lithium iron phosphate (LFP) solar powered battery pack solution that offers a safe and reliable energy storage solution optimized for residential and commercial applications requiring power in tight spaces or with load restrictions.


Deye’s lithium iron phosphate solar powered battery pack provides a safe, reliable energy storage solution for residential and commercial applications requiring power in tight spaces or under load restrictions. Compact and lightweight, it is well-suited to high-power equipment operating in limited footprints, delivering long-lasting performance through an extended cycle life.

The battery’s cobalt-free LFP chemistry offers high power density without compromising safety. An intelligent battery management system (BMS) monitors critical cell data points like voltage, current and temperature, balancing charging and discharging to maximize the battery’s lifespan.

Capacity and output can be scaled through parallel connections of multiple batteries based on needs. Larger bank configurations provide greater energy capacity and longer run times. Built for reliability, the battery supports high discharge capabilities, maintaining operation from -20°C to 55°C with an IP55 rating and natural cooling.

Modular and flexible, batteries easily expand capacity up to 184kWh by combining clusters of 36 units.

This solar powered battery pack is an eco-friendly design that employs non-toxic, pollution-free materials.

Installation is simplified through a stackable, floor-mounted design without extra wiring or fasteners. Setup and deployment are rapid and effortless.

Convenience is delivered via automatic module networking for remote monitoring, maintenance and firmware upgrades.

Deye AI-W5.1 Datasheet

Weight53 kg
Dimensions72,0 × 25,5 × 28,5 cm

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Deye AI W5.1 - Store your own power
Deye AI-W5.1 (only battery)
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