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The Deye GB-L-8.18 is a battery with bms from the high voltage GB-L deye serie.

Set contains of:
2x GB-LM4.0
1x GB-LBase
1x GB-L ECOM Cable 5.0
1x GB-L EPCable 5.0
1x GB-L ENCable 5.0

GB-LM8.0 Battery module for cluster high-voltage battery 2 GB-L 4kWh (HV) LiFePO4 | 40ah solar battery
Safety and security
Built-in explosion venting device to excavate gas and built-in fire protection device to shut down the fire source for 3 seconds
High voltage stack
The modules are connected in series without cable connection, and the high-voltage platform improves system efficiency.
Thermal management
Temperature detection of key parts, cells, power connectors, etc.
Operation in a wide temperature range
The heating function is optional to meet the application scenarios with low temperature and nosense.
Environmental friendliness
IP protection grade 65, corrosion protection grade ≥C2, environmental protection battery
Intelligent and visual
Supports remote upgrade, real-time battery warning information and LCD data display.



Weight97 kg
Dimensions54,0 × 38,5 × 65,0 cm


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Deye GB-L-8.18 kWh