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Deye High Voltage 3phasig 8kW Hybrid EU-IP65

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SUN-8K-SG01HP3-EU-AM2 is a brand new 8kW three-phase hybrid inverter with high battery voltage of 160-700V. With a compact design and high power density, this series supports a DC/AC ratio of 1.3, saving investment in equipment. It supports three-phase unbalanced output, expanding the application scenarios. Equipped with CAN port (x2) BMS and parallel, x1 RS485 port for BMS, x1 RS232 port for remote control, x1 DRM port, making the system intelligent and flexible.

Remote shutdown function: Intelligent surveillance platform

Thanks to the intelligent monitoring platform, Deye’s complete series inverter products support instantaneous remote shutdown in the event of an accident. Setting parameters and FW updates remotely makes it easier to maintain and maintain PV systems.

IVG Smart Package: Intelligent control and real-time evaluation

They want to use the solar power they generate as efficiently as possible. In addition, you should consume the electricity when the most is being produced, because a battery, if it is to be affordable, cannot store all of the electricity you generate yourself. In addition, the yield for feeding in is very low.

Your benefits:

  • Color touch LCD display, protection class IP65.

  • DC and AC coupling for retrofitting existing PV systems.

  • Unique smart load application and grid peak shaving function.

  • Emergency power with a switching time of less than 4ms

  • Up to 10 units possible in parallel operation, grid-connected and in isolated operation. Support for batteries in parallel operation.

  • Max. charge & discharge current of 240A.

  • 6 periods for charging & charging the battery programmable.

  • Connection and control of external generators possible. These can also charge the battery.

  • 100% unbalanced output, each phase, Max. output up to 50% of rated power


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Deye High Voltage 3-phase 8kW Hybrid EU-IP65
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