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Huawei inverter SUN2000-3KTL-M1 (13,5A)

Huawei inverter:

– Lightest and most compact hybrid device

– Very high European efficiency

– AI-based protection against arcing

– Localization of arc faults for faster rectification

– No wearing parts, contactless inverter (no display, installation via app)

– Prepared for additional battery charging via AC energy sources

– Prepared for backup (with additional backup box)

– Remote maintenance possible and automatic update

The scope of delivery includes:

– PV connectors

– battery connector

– AC connectors

– signal cable connector

– bracket

– WLAN-FE Dongle

Datasheet English


Number of phases

Quantity of kWh


a 2 6 3 a263a610ee9fde3d6c825eccaf319c106d14a0ac det ivh hu sun2000 3 10ktl m1 jpg0D4Yp7oB2huDD 600x600@2x - Store your own power
Huawei inverter SUN2000-3KTL-M1 (13,5A)

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