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DC fast charging is possible from higher power levels: over 350 kW or more in Extreme Fast Chargers (XFCs). That kind of power generates considerable heat. Because external inverters and controls for EV power equipment are responsible for safely and effectively managing the higher energy levels between the charger and an EV, they require effective thermal management. And this presents a new challenge. A DC fast charger requires larger conductors. Along with the higher charging speed and higher heat, the resulting cables can become bulky and unwieldy.


Blauhoff EV chargers for fleet owners :

Blauhoff 480KW for charging buses, vans and trucks. Modular system so expandable later !!!

Possibility 1x480KW power unit + up to six or eight satellites (liquid cooling system with output current up to 600A)

All approvals for EU available !

Why Liquid Cooling ?

Powerful EV charging solutions require the benefits of liquid cooling. Compared to standard air cooling, liquid cooling offers more efficient heat dissipation – the key to better performance and shorter charging times. In addition, liquid-cooled charging cables can use smaller conductors to reduce cable weight by up to 40%. This allows them to fit where other cables do not, optimizing limited space. As an added benefit, lighter cables are easier for consumers to handle, promoting safe and reliable operation.

Each additional Satalite charger, single gun output current 600A Liguid Cooled 12,500 excl VAT

Datasheet : BLH_490KW_DC_EU



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BLH Liquid Cooled 480kW EV Charger for vans, trucks and cars, in combination with the Maxus batteries
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