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Pylontech Force H2 3.55kWh Battery Module – High Voltage

The Force H2 is the latest HESS battery system supplied by Pylontech. The “long life” character, the highest energy and power density in the industry, the fashionable design, the ease of installation and expansion, all reflect the real demands of end users and the strongest technical capability of Pylontech

Pylontech Force H2 3.55kWh Battery Module to assemble 1 Force H2 stack from 2 to 4 Force H2 Battery Modules in series to achieve a usable capacity of 7.1 to 14.21 kWh. Ability to scale up by adding Force H2 modules later

This Pylontech home battery contains the following features:
Lithium-ion battery (lithium iron phosphate)
Voltage (V): 96
Usable capacity: 3.37 KwH
Interface: CAN, RS485
Quantity of kWh



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Pylontech 96V force-H2 FH9637M V2 (3.37 kWh)
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