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The Pytes home battery for with your solar panels is the new generation LFP Lithium battery for home energy storage.

This home battery is a safe, well-designed and powerful standard LFP battery for your home or business.
The battery is compact and modular and suitable for your solar panels is compact, easy to install, maintenance free and can be deployed as the building block of an energy storage system when mounted in parallel. It is widely used in households for energy storage, or in
small commercial and industrial energy storage systems, such as telecommunication stations.

Maximum mountable in parallel are 8 * 5.12kwh = 40.96 kwh, and with a HUB added 56 * 5.12 kwh = 280 KwH

Features home battery of PYTES E-BOX 48100R
There is a 10-year warranty on the device !
With this home battery you do complete self-management. You manage energy in a smart way by storing excess energy generated by measuring, monitoring and managing the solar panels. The power is used when you need it. System lifetime is optimized by smart algorithms.

The backup power and emergency power supply ensures the longest life and highest safety when the grid fails or reaches more than 6000 cycles.
The home battery has wide compatibility
During off-peak hours, the home battery charges itself with an intelligent inverter and discharges during peak periods. As a result, you will see your energy bill decrease significantly after a while.

This home battery comes with a whopping 10-year warranty!

Technical specifications:
Chemistry LFP (Lithium home battery)
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Voltage range 47.5V-57.6V
Rated Capacity 100Ah
Rated Energy 5.12kWh
Unit Dimension L440mm* B620mm* H117mm (2.6U)
Unit Weight 51kg
Standard Charge Current 50A
Maximum charging current 50A
Standard Discharge 50A
Maximum discharge rate 50A
Roundtrip efficiency ≥95%
Communication protocol RS232, RS485, CAN
Cycle life ≥6000cycles
Calendar life ≥10years
Operating Temperature -10°C~50°C
Connection style Parallel
Storage Temperature within 1 month: -20~55°C, 1-3months: 0~35°C, 3-12months: 20~25°C
Control panel

Mounting on the wall can be done individually with supplied brackets or in pairs with the chic homebox

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