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This hybrid inverter from Deye is suitable for residential and light commercial use. It maximizes the self-consumption of solar energy and makes you more independent in terms of energy storage.

During the day, the PV system generates electricity that is initially delivered to consumers. Then the excess energy will charge the battery through SUN 5K-3G03LP1-SG. Finally, the stored energy can be released when the consumer needs it. The battery can also be charged by the diesel generator to ensure an uninterrupted supply in case of power failure.
Equipped with RS485/CAN port for battery communication
Remote shutdown function

Solarman app for all your settings and requirements

Intelligent monitoring platform
The inverter has a smart control platform. Should a shutdown occur, the inverter is protected by shutting itself down via Deye’s inverter products, even remotely.

Setting for remote updating of parameters and FW, facilitating the O&M of the PV plant.

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Number of phases

Quantity of kWh


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