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Easy installation. Long service life. Seamless integration.

With the SMA Home Storage Solution, homeowners can exploit the full potential of renewable energy. The integration of the SMA Home Storage battery rounds off the modular solution perfectly – everything from a single source. It is the ideal complement to hybrid inverters from SMA and suitable for today’s and tomorrow’s energy solutions. Whether low solar radiation or afternoon high solar energy can be stored in the SMA Home Storage and is available as needed. It can be scaled flexibly to meet individual needs and is extremely durable with around 8,000 charging cycles. With SMA Home Storage, homeowners consciously choose quality and extra safety with a 10-year warranty).

5 x SMA Home Storrage 3.2

Product features:
– Capacity (usable): 3.28 kWh
– Output voltage: 96V
– Maximum charge/discharge current: 36 A
– Cell chemistry: LFP (lithium iron phosphate)
– Time window extension: up to 2 years
– Place of installation: indoor/outdoor
– Mounting: wall (included), floor (to be ordered separately)
– Protection class: IP65
– Cooling: passive
– Dimensions: 610 x 483 x 215 mm (W x H x D)
– Weight: 38.0 kg


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SMA HomeStorage 16.4