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This home battery is an optimized storage solution for the SolarEdge home ‘Hub’ inverter. This home battery has 3 phases and a backup function.

  • DC coupled battery with superior overall system efficiency. It generates more energy to store and use for grid applications and backup power*
  • Integrates seamlessly with the complete SolarEdge Home ecosystem, providing a single source for warranty, support and training, to streamlined logistics & maintenance
  • Includes enhanced safety features for battery protection
  • Scalable solution that allows stacking multiple battery modules per inverter for more capacity (up to 23 kWh)
  • Solar power, storage, EV charging and smart devices are all monitored and managed by one app for optimized generation, consumption and backup* power
  • Easy plug-and-play installation, with automatic SetApp configurator
    * Backup applications are subject to local regulations and may require additional components and firmware updates


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Datasheet SolarEdge Home Battery English
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