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Solax T-BAT H 5.8 master pack V2
Hazardous substance according to UN 3480 / Transport hazard class 9 / Packaging group IIWhen connecting the SolaX T-BAT H 5.8 battery, observe the voltage range of the inverter.
Therefore, for X-1 hybrid devices, at least 1 Master battery and up to 2 Slave batteries must be connected.
For X-3 hybrid devices, at least 1 master battery and at least 1 slave battery must be connected. Up to 3 slave batteries can be connected.**The V1T-BAT H 5.8 is not compatible with the V2 T-BAT H 5.8**.

Rated capacity (kWh): 5.8
Usable capacity (kWh): 5.1
Standard power (kW): 2.8

Max. Power (kW): 4.0

Rated voltage (V): 115.2
Max. Charging Current (A): 35
Max. Discharging Current (A): 35

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Solax T-BAT H 5.8 master pack V2
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