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Sungrow SH8.0RT-V112

Flexible Application:

– 150–600V wide battery voltage range

– Supports parallel connection with master-slave controlling

– Provides 100% power to unbalance loads in backup mode

Smart Management:

– High self-consumption with optimised built-in EMS

– Free online monitoring to enhance energy management for end user, installer and retailer

– Remote firmware update and customisable settings

Energy Independence:

– Seamless transition to backup mode for protection against power outages

– Fast charging / discharging to meet the demand of higher consumption

Easy Installation:

– Unique push-in connectors for time-saving installation

– Touch free commissioning with smartphone

– Lightweight and compact

Datasheet English
Datasheet German
Differences and Compatibility of SHRT and SBR versions


Number of phases

Quantity of kWh


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Sungrow SH8.0RT-V112

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