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‘Energy crisis, no bother; I use most power when the price is low’

variabele energietarieven gaslicht groot - Store your own power

What to do about high energy prices? Get a dynamic energy contract, proclaim people who have such a deal. ‘I look at the electricity price before I turn on the dishwasher.’

Martin Veld-kamp looks at the app yan electricity supplier Zonneplan where the electricity prices are listed by the hour. If he turns on the dishwasher now – after dinner – a kWh of electricity costs 30 cents, in six hours it will be just a dime. The 32-year-old Zwolle resident lives alone in a flat and has all the leeway to decide when to run the washing machine…. So I programme the dishwasher to run then. Exactly the same with the washing machine.”

A year ago I took out a dynamic energy contract. Shortly after the Russian invasion, the price of electricity was very high for a while, which you then notice immediately and for a moment I doubted whether I had not made a mistake, but those high prices only lasted for a while.” After that, it was much cheaper. I now pay between 5 and 10 euros on electricity per month, or I get money back, I feel that I control the price of electricity myself. With the energy tax reduction, I had a bill of 1 cent last month.”

Companies offering dynamic contracts buy electricity on the daily market. The tariff changes every hour, depending on the demand and supply of green power from sun and wind. Those with dynamic contracts get an overview a day in advance via an app of what the tariffs will be. “Often it is cheap between noon and in the evening when everyone gets home,. turns on the lights and starts cooking that the prices rise again.” It is estimated that tens of thousands of Dutch people now have a dynamic contract.

Exact figures are not yet available T sight holder Authority Consumer & Market sees the trend and is currently surveying how many people now have such a contract and whether it is too viewable.

De grootste energiebedrijven kenen gedurende de dag één t rief, dat tegenwoordig voor drie maanden vaststaat. De energie prijzen op de internationale m dalen, maar het gros van de Nederlanders merkt daar nog niks van. Sterker: energiereus Vatten fall kondigde deze week aan dar tarieven voor consumenten per 1 januari nog verder stijgen. Mar tin Veldkamp hoorde het nieuws met lichte verbazing aan. Hij betaalt deze maan gemiddeld 21 cent voor een kWh elektriciteit. Grote energiebedrijven vragen anderhalf tot vier keer meer, In de prijs zit hun winst en een risico-opslag. ,,Bizar dat veel mensen nog zo’n hoge energierekening hebben. De energieprijzen zijn sterk gedaald. Die energiebedrijven moeten toch helemaal binnenlopen?

Last summer, the p was negative a few times. So then you get money when you take power. Fascinating. I turned on everything the TV, game console, lights, everything That, of course, did not produce a cap.