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Immediate mandatory registration of electricity storage unit

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Important news surrounding battery solar panels. According to John van Vugt (electrical engineering specialist), private individuals and companies that are going to store electricity are immediately obliged to report this storage unit (battery) to their grid operator. This is due to a change in the Dutch Grid Code for Electricity. This applies to storage units with a capacity of 0.8 kW and larger connected to the grid. Sunsynk and Deye also have emergency power possibilities within 1ms.

The energy transition is expected to greatly increase the number of electricity storage options that can start contributing to a safe, reliable and affordable energy supply. Among other things, storage can help reduce voltage problems and keep the grid stable.

Register your solar panel battery (or battery solar panels) with the grid operator immediately

It is important for grid operators to know where these systems are installed in the electricity network and that the inverters used meet the requirements in force in the Netherlands.