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What does a battery for storing power cost?

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Battery solar panel to store power at home? This is a real must for solar energy storage these days. Many different brands and types are appearing on the market lately. So when you are looking for the right home battery, it is therefore useful to know what such a home battery costs.

Battery solar panel, lease or buy?

First of all, it is important to know whether you prefer to lease or buy the battery. In the short term, it is attractive to lease a battery, but with modern technology and ever-improving batteries, buying is often the best option. Buying a battery is often pricey, but in most cases they then also last for 10 years, and also regularly come with a lifetime warranty. You will also save a lot of money at the bottom of your energy bill, which makes buying worthwhile.

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At, we supply several brands of solar panel batteries, both lease and buy.
The cheapest home battery at the moment is Deye’s, which can be bought for as little as €1760. BlauHoff brand batteries can also be bought from around €2000.

Of course, the price depends entirely on the capacity offered by the battery. The more KwH, the higher the price. On our homepage, you can read briefly which amount of KwH is most suitable for your home.