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Set includes:

5x (LX F3.3-H 3,27 kWh battery module)

1x (LYNX HV F-H Battery Control Unit)

– Usable Energy: 16.38 kWh

– Nominal voltage: 512 V

– Operating voltage range: 456~576 V

– Nominal Charging/Discharging Current: 25 A

– Nominal Power: 12.80 kW

– Communication: CAN

– Operating Temperature: Charge: 0<t≤50 °=”” c=”” discharge:=”” -20<t≤50=”” c<=”” p=””></t≤50>

– Humidity: ≤ 95%

– Altitude: ≤ 2000 m

– Protection Degree: IP55 (Outdoor / Indoor)

– Installation Location: Ground-Mounted

– Safety Standard and Certification: IEC62619, CEC

– EMC Standard and Certification: CE, RCM

– Transport Standard and Certification: UN38.3

GOODWE Lynx-HV F-H PLUS control unit




The Lynx Home F series is compatible with the ET series (3-phase hybrid inverter), the EH series (1-phase hybrid inverter) and the battery inverters of the BH series (1-phase) and BT series (3rd generation). -phase) compatible.


Possible system connections of the GoodWe high-voltage battery

The high-voltage-system with 2-5 battery towers can be combined with the GoodWe ET plus series. The ET Plus series has a battery voltage range of 600 Vmax.
A tower with 5 battery modules has an operating voltage range of 456-576 V and therefore fits the ET plus series.
The same applies to the BT series.

The inverters of the GoodWe EH series (1-phase) can be connected to a battery tower and a maximum of 4 battery modules of the GoodWe high-voltage battery.
The battery voltage range of the EH series is 460 Vmax. For the Lynx Home F with 4 battery modules, the battery voltage range is 365-461 V and thus meets the range of the EH series.
The same applies to the BH series.


Quantity of kWh


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GoodWe LX F16.4-H (16.38 kWh) Model Plus

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